Just a Small Disclaimer

I feel that I should say this since it is a growing concern of today. I do not crop any of my photos in anyway. What you see is the entire picture that I took unless I have stated otherwise. I just want people to know what I do with my photographs digitally, and what I do Not do which is edit them excessively. I believe that what I take a picture of and how I took it, is "my true art". Some people's true art may be how they edit it, but I personally prefer non edited photographs, because it shows the photographer's "true skill".

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer is Finally Here!

Well, after a week or two of rather... interesting June weather... Summer is finally here! And what better to do than kick it off with pictures, more pictures, and a photo shoot? Oh, I guess it would also be important to point out that I got a Telephoto Lens! Anyways, to start here are a few photos I took of our 1964 Rambler.
The Hula Girl lol. I really like this one because of it's interesting colors from the glass.
The Rambler.
And the... Steering Wheel...
With these photos I was trying to be a bit more "artistic" I guess you could say, and yes I know I didn't do too well with that but hey, at least I tried.

The next photos are from a "photo shoot" I did with a Beautiful Model, Sister in Christ, my Best Friend and Girlfriend, Erika. Quit amazing isn't she? Lol anyways, here are a few photos from the "photo shoot".

This one is actually one of my favorites, just because of the lighting and the almost perfect crop job of my lens (she was on a swing so I was having a hard time getting good pictures lol).

This one, I really like this one, and it's not just because of her beautiful eyes. I was standing probably 15 feet away with my new lens, and I got her to look up and away just long enough to snap a few photos. For a relatively random type photo, I think it turned out really good.

This is another one I really really like from the photo shoot, although I feel like I could have gotten the lighting a bit better.

And to end this post and say "goodbye" until the next one, I will show you one last photo...


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring and soon, Summer!

The other day I decided to take some pictures of flowers I had sitting around (what with mothers day in all), and I decided I would post a few here for you to see.
A Pretty Daisy from the pack of flowers I had. Funny thing is that this is just plain in a vase that I set out in my front yard for their "photo shoot".
Ok, so these weren't part of the "flowers" my mum got for mothers day, but I still think it is an awesome picture mainly due to the depth of field.
And this last one is a picture of my neighborhood (on a good day mind you). I don't know why but I have always like the vines my neighbors have around their trees. Weird I know, but I think it has to do with the old style light in their yard that, together, ends up looking "Old English"y , which no one can deny is cool looking.

Nothing spectacular, but I thought a few were worth mentioning. That and I was bored lol.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Photography Contest Results

Well, as you all (4 people) know, I entered a photography contest that my school hosted. Well today the results were posted, and I am happy to announce that I won First place! Surprisingly enough, the second photo I entered won first (the one of the tree), while the first one I entered (the one of the flower), and personally prefer more, didn't even place. Anyways, I am really happy to have gotten first place, but it wasn't that big of a contest. I guess I will just have to enter some of my photos into another contest some time soonish. Anyways, I have no idea what the next post will be about, but whatever I will figure something out.... Ya, I'm done now, you can go lol....

PS- here is another look at the winning Photograph (slightly bigger than last time too).

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Photography Contest

I decided to enter my school's Photography Contest this year, and I chose these two photos.

This first photo (my main contender) is one that I took at the Alamo of a flower (daisy?), and quite frankly I am very proud of it. It is simple yet beautiful, and the in-and-out of focus branches really make it spectacular, at least to me.
This second one, I am less proud of, but I still think it is good. Granted I do like some of the other ones I have in my "Earth" Album better, but I had a copy of this laying around and an extra mat when making my other one; so I entered this one too lol.
All that there is left to do is wait to see if I place well, but I saw the competition today and there were a few really good ones. Anyways, I will be sure to post again when they announce the winners, and whenever I upload more pictures.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Well... Here it is:

This is (obviously) my first post of this blog, and honestly I am "excited" to (finally) start this blog. I have recently developed a passion for Photography, and have decided to make a blog to "share" my new hobby. And now for one of my favorite part, My Hardware:
A Nikon D5000
AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm lens (f/3.5-5.6G)
A Beat up ol' Tripod
and Most importantly, My Eye.
So far that's it for now, I am hoping that my parents will get me an 18-200mm lens (hint hint) but we all know that will not happen any time soon, if ever.
Anyways, I will be sure to post as many pictures as time will allow me to over the course of this blog. Other than that, I shall bid thee adieu.