Just a Small Disclaimer

I feel that I should say this since it is a growing concern of today. I do not crop any of my photos in anyway. What you see is the entire picture that I took unless I have stated otherwise. I just want people to know what I do with my photographs digitally, and what I do Not do which is edit them excessively. I believe that what I take a picture of and how I took it, is "my true art". Some people's true art may be how they edit it, but I personally prefer non edited photographs, because it shows the photographer's "true skill".

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Photography Contest Results

Well, as you all (4 people) know, I entered a photography contest that my school hosted. Well today the results were posted, and I am happy to announce that I won First place! Surprisingly enough, the second photo I entered won first (the one of the tree), while the first one I entered (the one of the flower), and personally prefer more, didn't even place. Anyways, I am really happy to have gotten first place, but it wasn't that big of a contest. I guess I will just have to enter some of my photos into another contest some time soonish. Anyways, I have no idea what the next post will be about, but whatever I will figure something out.... Ya, I'm done now, you can go lol....

PS- here is another look at the winning Photograph (slightly bigger than last time too).

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