Just a Small Disclaimer

I feel that I should say this since it is a growing concern of today. I do not crop any of my photos in anyway. What you see is the entire picture that I took unless I have stated otherwise. I just want people to know what I do with my photographs digitally, and what I do Not do which is edit them excessively. I believe that what I take a picture of and how I took it, is "my true art". Some people's true art may be how they edit it, but I personally prefer non edited photographs, because it shows the photographer's "true skill".

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring and soon, Summer!

The other day I decided to take some pictures of flowers I had sitting around (what with mothers day in all), and I decided I would post a few here for you to see.
A Pretty Daisy from the pack of flowers I had. Funny thing is that this is just plain in a vase that I set out in my front yard for their "photo shoot".
Ok, so these weren't part of the "flowers" my mum got for mothers day, but I still think it is an awesome picture mainly due to the depth of field.
And this last one is a picture of my neighborhood (on a good day mind you). I don't know why but I have always like the vines my neighbors have around their trees. Weird I know, but I think it has to do with the old style light in their yard that, together, ends up looking "Old English"y , which no one can deny is cool looking.

Nothing spectacular, but I thought a few were worth mentioning. That and I was bored lol.


  1. Thanks for the posts, Jefrey. Your photography is always great! Keep 'em coming!

  2. I enjoy looking at your photography and thanks for the lesson you gave me. One of these days I will have to purchase the camera I have always been wanting. I hope your summer is treating you well. It was great to see you...